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I don't get why this doesn't work. Every discussion board on the internet uses the same hosting package. What's up with this one, I wonder?

Something else screwy is going on. When I tried to change my avatar, I found that my user profile seems to have been hijacked by (a) somebody from Arkansas who speaks Arabic or (b) a badly designed hashing function that has turned my ID ("silver-S") into the same user number as "silver986s". When I click on my name up in the welcome panel, it takes me to the silver986s profile. Likewise, when I click on UserCP in the menu strip at the top of each page. I can't find my own profile, even though I can log in and out successfully.

Do I understand that the board doesn't have an admin anymore? Who looks into these site function issues? Anyone have any suggestions about how to get my name back?

Update: I clicked UserCP, which took me to silver986s' page. I then typed in my user name in the proper place in the browser's address bar, which should have taken me to my own profile. Nope. It changed back to silver986s. It's almost like my top profile page has a redirect to the usurper's page.

I'm pretty knowledgeable about web tech, but know nothing about administering vBulletin. Help, anyone?
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