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Stumped on Intermittent Wiper Hack

I have researched this to death, still stumped. Here is my scenario: 2004 base w/intermittent wipers but not variable- just one speed when stalk is down. I bought the parts, put it together as the hack says. didn't work, found out I purchased a 986.615.103 relay instead of a 996.615.103 relay. Stupid mistake, not paying attention on eBay. So I bought the 996 part number and put it in ( soldered and all ) still doesn't work. So after trying many things I take it apart and compare the two purchased relays. I find that the purchased 986 and purchased 996 relay look exactly the same inside even component values as far as I can tell. So I open the 986 relay that came in my car originally and was not opened by me prior to this so I could not have mixed them up, and I find it doesn't even have a pin #1. What gives? Are the 03-04 cars different than the others? Has anyone encountered this or have any ideas? Thanks
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