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Originally Posted by KevinH1990 View Post
Here's a poll on the subject:

I just installed a set of 03/04 tail lights (you will see a picture in the thread) so I'm obviously biased towards that option. I like the 550 Spyder lights, but they may be harder to find. I wast tired of the amber after 10 years of ownership, so I wanted a change. I also don't think amber looks good on a silver car.

I've never seen the Depo tail lights in person, so I cannot comment on the quality. I saw a video on YouTube of owners from the UK installing a set of aftermarket lights. They had problems with the fit. However, I don't know whether those were Depo or another brand.

I don't want to take any business away from Suncoast, but you should be able to find a used set for around $200.
Thanks a lot Kevin this was very helpful. I think the clear red 03-04 set is awesome! And with great timing, I just received a PM from someone drilling a used pair for 150$ so after a couple pics assuring they're in good condition, I will most likely go with those. Your car is amazing by the way!!! Awesome build.
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