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Originally Posted by Smallblock454 View Post
From the photos this doesn't look like cheap after market carbon parts. If these parts are original Porsche carbon parts they have cost a small fortune.

So before you dump them check and think about it.

The bulge in the rear bumper would annoy me more.

Regards, Markus
The one thing I didn't take detailed pics of is the cracks all over the carbon fiber on the center console, the warped carbon fiber on the dash, and the warped and completely gone piece on the fold up armrest compartment on the driverside door. It looks cheap, feels cheap, and I would be glad to trade for some clean OE grey panels and center console

The bulge in the rear bumper has some spiderweb cracking around it as well, I figure it will get painted once I move on to body work. Or it will get covered up by the livery once I get it wrapped.

Also found out today that my soft top is now non op good thing I have the hardtop.
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