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Boxster smoke bombed this evening - but not sure if AOS?

On the way home from work the car started making a loud whining noise that sounded behind the firewall. After it cooled down I looked at the pulleys, alternator, and belt but couldn't recreate the noise. Everything seemed to spin fine.

So then I went on a drive and after 10 minutes the whining started again then 3 minutes later under a bridge either the ABS or oil light flashed for half a second then 10 seconds later a giant smoke bomb went off. Tow home and naturally I figure it's the AOS. However I disconnected the AOS and briefly started it - I still have smoke coming out the tail pipe. I only ran it for 1 second, maybe 2 seconds repeated about 3 times.

Would the AOS ever make a whining noise? And does it just take a bit of runtime to clear the oil out of the intake? I've always had oil inside my AOS -> Intake tube so that is not a good indicator.

Here is the sound:

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