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Originally Posted by DWBOX2000 View Post
What is that large plastic black box the door speakers attach to for? I am trying to figure out if rs panels are even possible without disrupting the sound system. Any suggestions? I would rather just buy if someone makes.
Don't mess with the speaker resonance box inside the door. Even a small hole drilled into it will wreck the sound. (Had to fix previous owner's mistake in mine.) If you mount a bare speaker in the door panel without any acoustic treatment inside the door panel, all sorts of strange buzzes and unintended frequency emphasis will occur somewhat randomly.

If you really want to mount a larger speaker and discard the plastic resonance box, secure all loose parts and wires in the door and build your own sealed enclosure using acoustic mat and silicone sealant. Then, you'll have to experiment to get the right size vent hole into the cabin from that sealed enclosure. Good luck.
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