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Thank you chromecarz00 for your interest. In all fairness I am going to allow happygilmour 24 hours from his last response and then I have to move on. Starting a new project this week that requires all of my resource$$$.

In regards to the mark on the original photos, I removed the sap and here are some updated photos. You can see a slight variance in color which is not visible at certain angles.

99' 986 Porsche Boxster - Glacier White/Black interior, 19" ALT Miro Type 371 Wheels, ROW M030 Kit, RSS 7mm Wheel spacers, Smoked Depot Brake lights, Smoked 3rd Brake light, Bosch Smoked side markers/headlight corners, Desnorkeled, Modified Air Filter, Carbon Fiber door sills, Plasti-dipped side mirrors/air ducts, debadged rear, black hood crest, Keyhole delete, Much more to come, stay tuned...
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