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IMS Replacement Gone Bad - at my dealer!

OK, first, I'm not naming the dealer, so don't bother asking. Local dealer, excellent reputation, Shop Foreman is highly regarded by the local PCA chapter.

I brought my 986 S to a this dealer a week and a half ago for an LN IMS-B installation, RMS, and new clutch.

I was supposed to take delivery yesterday, but my service advisor called and said "it was making a sound they didn't like" and they were going to pull the transmission again to check it out.

Today he called and informed me that the engine was out of timing after the IMS-B installation, and that several valves were bent when they restarted the engine. They're going to replace the valves, and repair any damage; he mentioned "machine shop" when he was updating me. He also said they were going to pull the cylinder head.

So... none of this is on my dime and they've promised to make things 100% right, but what questions should I ask and what should I be concerned about???
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