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Three 986 OEM Taillight Color Combos to Pick From

I have gone through may changes on the Boxster over the years. A couple wheels, steering wheels, audio systems, steering wheels, exhaust and so on. I have also swapped out the taillights a couple times. I had the original ones that came on the Boxster in 2001; the amber and red ones. Then I swapped out to the 2003/2004 clear and red ones a few years back. Earlier this year I went back to the original ones. Now I have a set of solid red ones that came on 2004 550 SE Boxsters. I went back to the original amber and red ones because I wanted to get the Boxster closer to its original looks. With the red ones I am once again drifting away.

I'll keep the red ones on for awhile but wanted to put a poll out there to see what others think.

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