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In all likelihood, GTA G20 is correct. Swapping the clock spring is fairly easy and no special tools are needed. And, they can be found used on eBay for $50 to $100.

I have a used one you can have. The two clips that feed into the steering wheel are broken, but I believe there is enough to do the job. If nothing else it will allow you to ensure that the clock spring is the issue.

The first photos are of the unit you can have and show the broken clips. The last photo is what the clips should look like. If you do buy one on eBay look closely at the photos in the listing. There are a lot of sellers out there selling ones that the clips are completely broken off but don't list them as broken.

Also, the tiptronic clock springs are easy to identify besides the part number. They have a blue plug and one loose wire that the manual ones don't have.

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