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Originally Posted by Porsche9 View Post
The wheels looked really sharp on your silver car!

No third radiator with the 3.4? Is overheating every and issue when it gets hot?
Thanks! I should have grabbed a shot with the top down, they look so much better that way. There is about 70K on this set-up. I ran it at a speed adventures event at Fontana and the temp never passed 200, but it was a cool day. Today around town when it was 86 it hovered at 190. I don't have all the history but believe it saw primarily daily driver use with the previous owners. It has been in San Diego and Orange County its entire life. Someone in San Diego did the original install, most likely between 2000 & 2002. Vision Quest Motors in the OC serviced it between 2007 and 2014. They shared those service records with the consent of the owner. No overheating issues in those records. I have only put about 3k on the car and had no issues, yet I do share that concern. Third radiator upgrade is under consideration as well as a couple other items. The Slippery Slope!!
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