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Originally Posted by Retroman1969 View Post
I just picked up the latest Top Gear magazine to see the interviews with the new crew, and there was an article on the new 718 Boxster. Weather you like it or hate it, it's interesting seeing different perspectives on the car.
This video review may be in German, but the sound of the engine tells you all you need to know. Oh dear oh dear.

I just spend the week driving round the Barossa Valley and other South Australian wine regions with the Porsche club of Victoria. There is nothing better than being in a fast moving convoy of NA flat 6s including GT3s, Boxster GTS, Cayman GTS, 911s of various types, even the odd old 911 turbo. What a noise, including from my fantastic 2.7 986 which was a total hoot and had no trouble keeping up with the rest especially on the twisties.

The 718 needs to go back to the drawing board IMHO.
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