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"Belle" The Boxster S Project

Thought I'd post a few videos on what I've done to my 2001 986 Boxster S after a year of ownership and what mods I've got lined up for the future.

Video is here:

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Porsche Boxster S 3.2 Tiptronic (986)

I wanted an everyday car I could track occasionally.

She’s called Belle

  • 252 Bhp, 305 Nm torque,
  • 0-60 takes 6.5 seconds, ,
  • In the owners handbook its states the Boxster S Tiptronic version should weigh between thirteen hundred and thirty five kilos (1335 kg) and fourteen hundred and fifteen kilos 1415 kg , so we’ll take an average of thirteen hundred and seventy five 1375 kg for now
  • Gives a power to weight ratio of 183 bhp/ton

Had car for 1 year and driven 6,000 miles

Real world mpg
17 mpg intown.
30 mph on motorway
Using Shell vPower petrol (99 RON)

Maintenance done
  • Engine Oil+Filter Twice
  • Brake Fluid Twice
  • Transmisson Fluid
  • Coffin Arms (bush in one place could see daylight though)
  • Air And Cabin Filters
  • Engine Serpentine Belt
  • Brake Pads – EBC Bluestuff
  • Fuel Filter
  • Aircon Topped Up
  • Spark Plugs

My mods
  • Bulbs – Phillips X-treme Vision
  • Custom Cup holder build
  • Tyres – was pirelli p-zero russo now Michelin ps2
  • CD player removed and iPhone auxillary fitted with holder
  • Spare tyre removed. I carry tyre weld for punctures.
  • GT3 brake ducts installed.
  • Four wheel laser alignment

Things to do
  • Refurbish complete braking system – the hoses, master cylinder, servo/booster and caliper rebuilds
  • Rear plastic window has a crack
  • Alloy wheels have some paint bubbles
  • Squeak from rear of car- could be engine mount, transmission mounts or suspension top mounts?
  • Coffin arm bushes upgrade to polyurethane (Powerflex)
  • Check and replace fluids – coolant, power steering and differential if needed

IMS Bearing repair
1997 to 2004 and it affects all Boxster, Caymans and 911’s from that time period. The purpose of the intermediate shaft is to drive the camshafts indirectly off the crankshaft. If the bearing in shaft fails this can affect the valve timing causing massive engine damage. The fix itself is relatively straight forward you replace the bearing with a 3rd party version that doesn’t fail.

One thing I wanted to investigate is increasing the power of the engine. What intrigues me is that 2001 Boxster produces 252 bhp but the 2005 model has the same 3.2 litre M96 engine but produces 280 bhp which is 28 more. It would be interesting to find out what changes were made and seeing if I could get the same result.

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