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Thanks steved0x! My brother got the $100 off the NT01 about a month ago from Discount tire but didn't think to tell me! Lol

Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
There are some good deals on 200 TW extreme summer tires on tire rack right now, I think Kumho and Hankook in the $500 range.

For 100 TW, discount tire eBay store runs a $100 off a $400 purchase time to time, folks try to buy their NT-01 during these sales.

The maxxis victra rc-1 is priced about the same as the nt-01 and maxxis told me there will be a coupon this spring, probably 10% off.

If you are on facebook, there is a racer's wheel and tire exchange and some deals to be had; I sold some tires there once.

Good luck and if you find some let us know what you got
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