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Here are the pics I took at the show. Organizers expected about 350 cars and at the awards ceremony they said they ended up with about 325 registered. Porsches by far the largest single marque, but not the 150 cars I speculated. More like half that. Also about 25 Ferraris, a pack of 'Vettes. Everything else under the sun, from a '29 Bugatti to '06 Whatevers.
Pardon my egotism on the pics, as they are all about me. But then it was my camera, and I can take pictures of whatever I want, right?
The orange 911 was extremely popular amongst the crowd, whilst Susie the yellow Box sat in the corner like the plain girl at the dance, exciting interest and comment mostly from people contemplating buying one. And all of them want to know about the RMS.
At the end of the day, however, I went home with a blue ribbon, and the guy with the orange 911 had to be satisfied with a red.
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