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I took a few pix, but only of my own car, and the car next to me.
The 550 was a repro, a Beck Spyder. Nicely done nevertheless.
There was a beautiful D-Type Jag there, but it too was a repro. Also the usual collection of repro Cobras, and one REAL 289 Cobra.
There were about 7 or 8 Boxsters and 1 Cayman. I came home with the 1st place ribbon in the Boxster class, so I am happy about that.
I have attached (I hope) a pic of my car and the car parked next to me, a '72 911T that the owner had purchased new from Brumos Porsche in Fla. It is a special color "Gulf Racing Orange". According to the owner it was specially painted by Porsche for Gulf as part of a Daytona promotion in '72. After owning the car for years, the owner stripped it down to the tub and added the flares and all the other custom stuff.
All in all a great show, as they usually are.
Oops the pic was too big so I'll have to try again.
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