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Originally Posted by ivan loh
hi rufio,

yes, been thinking of de-ambering, this monday i will sending the car
for servicing and will check with dealer how much it cost. will do the comparison with those in ebay. did you de-amber too? how much did it
cost you?

there isn't much white boxer in singapore too. infact just yesterday there was one outside my home! so i took a picture! with me inside!
the other car has a black interior and mine is a red.

I am from Hong Kong, so pretty close to you. In fact, in hong kong, you get alot of Yellows, silver, and black.

As for de-ambering, it came with the car so it saved me that step, just as the majority say here, it really makes your box look a few years newer.

[IMG] silver.JPG[/IMG]
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