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Originally Posted by zaldy0819
can somebody help me I have porsche boxster 2000 I am having problem with the temperature I notice that everytime I turn my airconditioning on the radiator fan turns on and speedup from time to time but if I turn the aircondition off the radiator fan wont turn on eventhough the needle is aldready past the middle part of the gauge and after that the warning lights will blink, can somebody pls help me.
Okay, first off - Punctuation can SERIOUSLY help a sentance. I had to read that 4 times just to figure out what you were saying.

Sounds to me like your blower motor is going out or working intermittently as per the blinking temp light. The radiators are located in the front of the car (you have 2). But, there is also a blower located in the engine compartment which blows (go figure) hot air out of one of the side vents.

A mechanic should be able to check the CEL (Check Engine Light) code and tell you for sure. At that point, replacing the blower should be fairly straight forward for a Do-It-Yourselfer. You can buy the blower from most of the sponsors on this site.

It's not a hugely critical thing (meaning you can drive it and don't need to tow it to a mechanic) - but it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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