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Need opinions on a 01 Boxster I'm looking at buying.

2001 Boxster 5 speed
60k miles
Triple black
Sport chassis
Headlight washers
crests in headrests
painted center column and roll bars (gloss black)


It came from an auction and is being sold at regular used car dealership.

Had it inspected by a porsche dealer and it needs the following:
new battery
front pads and rotors
60k service (I could do most of this myself)
possibly a new coolant tank since the coolant was low when I took it in. They didn't do a pressure test since it would have cost me more $
new tire soon (maybe 3k left on them)

It drives great, engine is strong and sounds good, and the paint and interior are in great shape. I'm just sort of skeptical about buying one with such high miles and from a used car dealership. I always feel like their scamming me. The price was $24k, but after I had it checked out and told him all it needs I got it down to $22k. Not going to get it for any less.

I'd be using it as my daily driver putting on @ 20k miles a year.

What do you guys think?

I really didn't want to spend over this amount for one anyway, and I figured it was a great deal on a 01 with some good options, even though it has higher mileage.
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