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Originally Posted by kefboy View Post
Where? I've never gone this route before. Is there a Porsche specialist I can ship to?
Look for a local starter/alternator shop. Our town isn't that big but we have a shop, Panama Starter and Alternator that offers the service.

The Boxster's alternator is made by Bosch. When I had a problem with my the alternator on my 2000 BoxS, I removed it, had it tested at Autozone to verify what I thought the problem was (bad voltage regulator). I went to the Panama Starter and alternator and they could have rebuilt it, no problem. Instead, I purchased a Bosch VR (~$40 IIRC in 2013), swapped it and reinstalled the alternator. It's been over two years without further problems.
I had the same shop rebuild the starter on my 1984 Alfa Spider in 2011 when I had the head off as the starter was very accessible at that point. The shop charged me $75.

I like the rebuild process on these cars as I know that mechanically the part will fit.
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