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top on frame with plastic window


selling a grey top with plastic window on the frame from a 2000 base boxster with 120.000 miles. car has always been garaged so the top is in decent (with the normal wear and tear) shape but the plastic window was getting a bit brittle and i got rid of it before it developed a crack. never had any leaks at all and the frame is in perfect shape.

this could be good to use as is (it would hold up if "boxster chop" is used, i just got tired of that), replace the plastic window or just use the frame to install a new top on it.

100$ + shipping. i still have the box and shipping supplies (foam, bubble wrap etc) from when i got my "new to me" top on frame so that will save on the shipping, i had to pay for those supplies when seller send me the top, this thing is not easy to package)

will include some photos as soon as i can.


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