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Originally Posted by jim_hoyland View Post
Just picked the car up. It was a three way hose connector. It was brittle, broken, and the hose fell away. CELs gone bye-bye.

It's interesting that this is fairly common after replacing the AOS.
There is a vacuum line that runs across the engine and acts like a trip-wire. It's easy to trip over when you're yanking something out of the engine. I must have tripped over it while yanking out my power steering pump. The vacuum line is connected to the t-connector. The other 2 connections are fairly short. When you trip over it, something is going to give. In my case it was the check-valve which is also connected to the T. In your case, the T itself broke.

This is one of the reasons I like to work on my own cars. So when there is a screw-up, I know who to blame!
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