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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
I'm curious how you built your rs door panels? Mostly what modifications you had to make to the door itself. I'm in the middle of making my own RS door panels and would love to see if you have anymore pics of that process. I've already drilled the spot welds out on the pull handle mount and it looks like i'll have to make some small sheet metal modifications on the top for everything to sit flush.
Hey Woody,
Whatever extra pics are on my blog, is all I have. Unfortunately my car is back in Toronto, otherwise I'd pull it apart for you. The bottom part is pretty easy to do, as its all fairly flat, but the top piece is more of a pain. To be honest, what I put together for the top trim is temporary, I was thinking about eventually using some shaping foam to fit the contours.

Some other tips that might help:

- Thin particle board from home depot works great for prototyping. I was going to redo it with a plastic sheet eventually, but I'm happy with it.
- use plastic bumper rivets in the existing door holes. This atuall looks really good and easy to remove.
- You need some thin high density foam under the vinyl. I initially used some 1/4" upholstery foarm, but it was way too thick and soft. I ended up finding some sheets of 1/8" poly foam at my friends shop that I tiled together.
- Hi-strength 90 from 3M is a great adhesive
- make suret to add a vapor barrier behind the door card. I was getting a lot of water in the interior without it. A regular plastic sheet and some rolled up poster tack putty works well for this.
- for the door handle, I got a 1" strip of buffalo leather on ebay. You can use some pop nuts (rivet nuts) in the door sheet metal to bolt it down. I put the handle right under the airbag opening
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