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The Boxster is a unibody structured car meaning it doesn't just sit on a frame. The thing that professional body shops do is to first measure the equivalent of the "frame" (suspension attachment points) to see if there is any deformation. If there is, probably a write off and investigate selling for parts through your insurance company. We call it "totaled" over on this side of the pond.

If the "frame" is good, then it is time to look at all the suspension parts and see if they are deformed in any way. Good practice is to magnaflux the parts after a visual inspection. Safest way is just replace all from a wreck that was totaled from a other end only hit.

It isn't just the damage you can see like bumper covers, it is the stuff behind the bumper covers like shocks and other bars that absorb the shock but are only good for one hit.

How much is worth spending is a matter of how much the car was worth before the hit.

I've totaled one, know the feeling.
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