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Originally Posted by jakeru View Post
One option if you are having trouble finding used M030 springs is you can buy new US-spec M030 springs from the Porsche dealer for (IIRC), a bit over $200 per pair. The US-spec M030 springs will maintain ride height while stiffening the ride somewhat.

I've got some (US-spec M030 springs) installed in my 2001 boxster base and am very happy with the ride. It feels "sporty" without being punishing. And I have yet to bottom out the suspension as used to frequently happen with the old, soft springs and worn out bump stops. My upgrade path if additional roll stiffness is required is eventually I could add on some stiffer sway bars (there are a few available options), but so far I have not felt the need with the current street tires I'm running (Michelin all-season high tread wear rated tires). I did replace the shocks (using Koni sports, which are externally-adjustable at the front end). I found the original shocks were worn at ~110k miles.

When you do the suspension work, be sure to freshen up the other suspension parts that are bad or known to go bad, like the bump stops. (Those are actually a critical part of the suspension system that work in parallel with the spring when the suspension compresses.) Also, be sure that rubber components are not cracked and all spherical suspension joints are in good shape.

PS - almost forgot to mention, it's too bad you already bought Bilsteins as it sounds like Koni's new FSD shocks (now available for 986) are marketed to offer just the characteristics you're looking for. I installed FSD's on a VW Golf and they do seem to work as advertised on that car.
I'm going to replace virtually every replaceable part on the suspension; tie-rod ends, drop-links, control arms, track arms, struts, bump stops, shock mounts, and many of the fasteners.

ECS Tuning has the ROW M030 front springs, and US-Spec M030 rear springs, but the cost would be about $500. I can get a new set of Vogtland springs for less than half of that. It's too bad I'm cheap, it would make my decisions a lot easier! Because of that, I bought the Bilsteins over the Koni FSD's, as they were over $1000 less expensive.

Here's another question - would the ROW M030 front springs be a good match with the US Spec M030 Tiptronic rear springs? I'm guessing that the Tip springs are a slightly stiffer rate than the non-Tip springs

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