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Originally Posted by jdraupp View Post
No self service car washes by you? The old fashioned kind with the coin and the wand?

I use optimum no rinse wash. You can get it on amazon. All you need is a five gallon bucket with two gallons of water, a wash mitt and some microfiber drying towels. No hose needed. I have a hose and I don't use it because the no rinse stuff is easy and looks great.
Don't even need the bucket and water

Get a 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayer from Home Depot or Lowes. Do the mixing in the sprayer. Just do a light spray on the car, wipe with a microfiber towel and dry. I sometimes do 2 wet/wipe processes and then dry. I use 1 -2 quarts to wash the car and virtually no water on the ground. You can easily do it in your garage

With the 2 gallon sprayer, I get 6-8 washes per fill up

They make 2 versions of Optimum NoRinse
Blue - Wash and shine
Green-Wash and Wax

I use the green, they add a little carnauba wax to their mix
You can also mix it to use as a clay lube or detail spray
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