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Aside from the fact that I'd pass on this vehicle at any price, the passenger door lock IS A BIG DEAL. Part required was only made for the 1997 because it was the only model year not to have side air bags. Part will cost $200 and take an hour or so to R/R if you've never done the job before.

As the owner of a heavily repaired 1997, I'd say avoid the first year Boxsters. Subframe wasn't made strong enough to handle 18 inch wheels, plus it's underpowered in my opinion. As I always tell prospective Boxster owners, buy the newest S model you can find, and if you can't afford that car then you can't afford a Boxster yet... be patient, wait, save more money, and get a 2003 S or newer Boxster and you won't regret waiting and delaying gratification.

In fact, save even more for even longer and buy a 2007S or younger Boxster. They really got nice and fast after 2007 and that's a car one could keep for 20+ years and not get tired of in any respect.
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