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It's a 97 with a reconstructed title.
Not necessarily a reliability issue, but a big drag on value. Does it have documented repairs from a reputable shop?

It has had a front end wreck before the new wheels were installed and a rear end wreck after they were installed.
To me anyway, it has clearly had TWO collisions. May not be a big deal again if repairs were done professionally.

I don't know those wheels, but they look like they may be 19s which may look great (I like them, but some may not), but will wear out what is left of that 18 year old suspension.
I would not add value for the wheels

Kenwood stereo?
Meh. Although the original Becker head units are dated and not that good, having a good condition original is often valued higher than an aftermarket hack job.

56K is very low mileage that's a big plus!
...If it is legit and not because it was sitting in the body shop for a few years.

Silver with the red interior is a killer combo.
My favorite. Big plus. I have two. I still want a good look at ALL of the 18 year old leather. Floor mats are faded, but the rest looks pretty well cared for.

The door lock and gear position switch are most likely age/wear issues and not a big deal.
At a shop charging $100/hr labor they could be expensive. To a hobby mechanic with a Bentley manual and Forum, not that big a deal.

What would you pay for this? 1997 Boxster
Without having a shop do a full PPI, I'd be stuck at about $4,500. With a good PPI not much over $5k if it all checks good.

I have seen too many awesome cars sit here in the classified section for too long to spend any more than that. The seller has it way overvalued. Plan to walk away.
I am not an attorney, mechanic, or member of the clergy. Following any advice given in my posts is done at your own peril.

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