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What would you pay for this? 1997 Boxster; 56k Miles (Pics inside)

Hi, all. Long time lurking so thanks for the great info. Looking to pull the trigger on a fun car for my wife this C-Mas. We don't need this car (does anyone need a Porsche?), so I'm only going to buy if the right car comes along. I've been emailing a bit with the seller of this Boxster:

Porsche Boxster Base Convertible 2 Door | eBay

I'm also attaching some pictures of the accident. What are your thoughts on a decent price to pick this up. Or, would you walk away from this car? There are some weird issues with the doors and shifter:

"Please note the "Not so perfect parts":

Passenger door does not lock, but the alarm goes on either way when you lock the car

The dash does not reflect that the car is in park and shows it is in Reverse instead - and sometimes we have to start the car in Neutral- this is not a problem with the shifting, it just does not show it is in park. Car shifts, reverses and parks fine, but the dash board doesn't show the parking mode - I have had NO problems shifting at all or getting in any of the reverse and shifting gears. I just want to be 100% honest about this problem. The listing price has been adjusted to reflect the problem with the park and door lock."
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