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OK, here is what I did.

I cut the harness from my existing seat that plugs into the car wiring harness. It's a big black flat plug that also has the seatbelt plug in it. I then wired it and made some jumpers up to connect it to the #6 plug location on the seat.

It gets wired like this:

This drawing is flipped from the plug orientation above.

#1 large is a 12v from the harness.
#2 Large is a ground from the wiring harness.

Now the small pins

#1 is 12 volts jumped from large #1 above ( my pic doesn't show it.)
#2 you will need to run from the fuse box to supply a switched 12V to this pin
#3 is a ground that is jumped from large #2 above.

The large #1 and #2 are regular spade plugs that get crimped on.

#1 - #3 small pins, I used the red barrel or butt connector crimp on and gave them a squeeze until they fit snug on the pin. I trimmed off the excess insulation on one end and crimped it to the wire on the other end.

Works like a charm!!
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