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3 Porsches in 57 days...

Just a quick hello.
I was always a VW guys with a string of GTIs, with the last being a 2012 Golf R. I turned 45 this year however which coincided with me splitting from my fiance of 2 years (lucky escape) and decided to treat myself. so I bought a 2004 996 C4S with 16k miles and rove it back to Nyah from Dallas.
This started a crazy challenge with my best buddy - "no more Porsches for 90 days"

End result is that I added a 2000 Boxster S and a Cayenne GTS within 57 days.

The Boxster has 40k miles and needed love. it's previous owner passed away so I had to rescue it. It now has a new roof from an 03, 8 way electric seats with Porsche crest, new climate display and 15 years of neglect addressed. A B&M shifter transformed it and makes it a ton of fun.

Pics to follow once my mid life crisis calms down!!!!!
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