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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
I agree with Rick, 4.5 hours is kind of high since the transmission mounts are easier than the engine mount.

Is there a reason why you're replacing the trans mounts? Usually they don't need replacement unless they are leaking.
I had one of my local Indy's change the oil/filter, replace the coolant, and give the car a once-over since I just bought it. During their test drive, they said the vibration I'm getting is due to the engine and transmission mounts, so they recommended replacing them.

I'm new to Boxster's and Tip's, but have a long history with 911's/Carrera's from the 70's and 80's, so at the moment, I'm relying on input from folks until I familiarize myself with the car.

The car only has 36K miles on it, so I don't know if the mounts deteriorate more from wear or age (I'm sure it's a combination of both). I walked around under the car while in the shop, and it's clean, and dry as a bone.

I wonder if I should start with the engine mount?
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