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HELP!!! rough idle missfires after work on ps

Hi, I need some advise on this thing.
This is 99 boxster new to me, just bought it a while ago, when i got it it had a typical burned by headers power steering high pressure line and previous owner installed a banjo fitting with clamps that was leaking, so I removed the entire line and replaced with a new one, after doing this the car runs very rough at idle like is running on 4 or 5 cylinders and wants to stall on idle, the car was running great before I replaced the power steering line.

My first impression is that it has a vacuum leak and I checked everything that I disconnected and removed over and over:

plastic tube from airbox to throttle body
snorkel clamp
clamp from tube to throttle body
little rubber hose under Throttle body
two little plastic hoses that insert into the boots
four clamps on the intake boots
gasket on passenger side intake manifold as I have to loosen it to remove ac compressor bolts to move it out of the way to get to the power steering line

additional things that I did that can provide more clues:

cleaned the throttle body with solvent and a brush (did I brake it?)
cleaned all the plastic intake tubes
connected and reconected the two electrical plugs into the throttle body

I did not disconnected the battery at all during the process

One thing I did also was trying to start it without the j-shaped plastic tube that goes from throttle body to aux air pump and of course it did not start, I forgot to install it and then I noticed it, then installed and it started right up but rough.

I wiggled the intake manifold a lot when it was loose and perhaps I disconnected something else like injectors or? I visually can't find anything wrong with it.

When running I sprayed a little engine starter on the probable sources of leaks and the idle does not change except when spraying close to the air box, which I assume is normal.

The codes I'm getting with my cheap obd2 scanner are all missfires


Please note that I can not take it to a mechanic since I live up in the mountains in central mexico (I live here for half a year since I'm semi-retired) and mechanics hera are far away and do not know anything about porsches, lol.
anyway... HELP!!!!
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