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'02 Boxster S TLC.

If you have an affinity with metal, you'll get 90% repairs in no time. Just watch as many YouTube vids as you can, collectively they give enough away that you can fumble through a couple of dings and learn quickly - the key is to stop and consider the unwanted tension within the panel and soften that with some taps prior to the pull. The last 10 percent is half time & patience and half experience. If I was smart I would have first practiced on a discarded panel! There's one ding in the drivers door that I'm not sure I'll ever get the waves out of as I got it wrong.
In the pull by pull pics in my earlier post, my second pull should have been my first one as it effectively released the tension.
2001 Boxster S, TipTronic in Seal Grey aka "The Imp"
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