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'02 Boxster S TLC.

Thanks re "great post", much appreciated

Fuel pump is definitely doing it's thing, I used it to drain the tank, though I have no gauge to confirm what pressure it's capable of. Still, seems unlikely to me that it's the cause as the plugs get plenty wet.

I received what turns out to be a counterfeit Durametric so am returning that and sourcing a genuine unit now. AU$500 is rather a lot, so I hope it helps!!! The local(ish) dealer service guy suspects that one of the cars brains has lost the plot due to a negative polarity or the like from the last owner. He want me to get it towed their so they can spend a couple of hours diagnosing the problem for me. May be a better option, still undecided, as I'll likely want a Durametric at some stage down the track anyway and if it helps me diagnose it then it will have paid for itself.

Did some more dent removal and started on an attempt at a (major) scratch repair.

I knocked off half a dozen small dings well enough that I can't find them again now, and I almost finished the large one on the drivers front guard - I've decided it doesn't pay to spend too long on a single section as a fresh look another day seems to be a wise approach.

Still, a before and after on that large one;



I'm further encouraged by my results thus far.

I'll be sure to check out your thread when I can get to my PC jcslocum [emoji106]🏼
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