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Boxster S White Instrument Cluster on Base 986 2.7

I had an issue a few years back with my instrument cluster and it was replaced by Porsche at great expense, but they installed one with a K/PH analogue speedo and all the other functions are also in KM, but I live in the UK where everything is measured in miles so this is quite annoying. Of course the digital speedo can be switched to miles which I have done but that's it. So I'd like to change the instrument cluster back to a proper UK one. I was wondering if firstly its possible to use a Boxster S one (with the white dial faces and silver rings etc) as long as its the earlier style to match my car (2000 2.7 model). Then what about the odometer? Does this have to be reprogrammed to match my car's mileage? Or is this plug and play? Thanks for any help with this.
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