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Been there, done that.

Originally Posted by Gelbster View Post
I suggest you visit a few Smog Test Only stations in person at a quiet time of day. Explain the situation clearly and briefly.Show them your Fail documents. Ask for their advice. Offer to have a "Pre-Test" done.That means no data sent to the Gestapo Computer.If it Passes , run it again as an official test. You're done!
If it fails the Pre Test take the results to the best M96 Indie you can find in your area.
Just checked with my local Test Only guy.The info I gave above is out of date.
A "Pre-Test" now does send the License plate number and VIN to DMV. No knowing what they do with it (red flag?) if the Test is aborted at the SAI test stage.
So it is back to basics and RennTech to plod through every part of the entire system to check functionality and hope you find the problem.
Keep us posted because this could be a big issue for others who follow.
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't need a pre-test, as my BlueDriver clearly tells me that my car is not ready for test -the SAI and Evap are not ready. I also talked to both the California BAR and a Smog tech recommended by the local Porsche dealer. Both informed me that the SAI not ready is an automatic fail and that EVAP CAN be waived; however a Smog test station has the right to not test a car with an EVAP not set.

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