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suspension rebuilt options?

Hello there,

Lately, there has been some comments of people that are replacing the control arms because they were creating clanking noises.

My car does not have any noises (yet..) but the front suspension does not longer feels very tight and I wander if someone has used the Elephant rubber bushing replacements (inner and central bushings) for the lower control arms:

Elephant Racing | Rubber Suspension Bushings | Porsche Boxster/Cayman

And also for the caster control arms:
Elephant Racing | OEM Control Arms and Links | Porsche Boxster/Caymen

According to the Elephant website, their Sport Hardness Bushings are between the soft OEM and their hardest spherical bearings (mostly used for track use).

Hopefully someone has tried these and are willing to share their comments, thank you!

PS: My car has 87K miles

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