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Newbie needs help on a Purchase

Hello all,
I am new to the forum and Porsches but not to fast cars. If possible I would like some advice on buying a boxster. I did some research already and search the forum as well but did not fine the answer I was looking for. The car is a 99 box w/ 29K miles, 5spd, white, with blue leather, cruise and upgraded stereo plus the 18" wheels. The guy that owns it has had it since it had 1200 mile on it. He has change the oil (himself) every 5K. He is asking $20K.

Here is my question. He has never had it serviced since he has owned it. He has done all the maintenance himself. How important is it to have the deal do the schedual maintenance. I saw one thread that said most can be done with some know how and an OBD II reader. I am mechanically inclined and can do most of the maintenance and service stuff myself. I know Porsches need more then special care but I was wondering the forum's advice on this situation.

- Is the car a good buy?
- How important is the 15K checkups?
- Would it be worth it to do the 30K and then again at 60K if I do all the other work myself ( has the list of things to do and inspect)?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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