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1982 Porsche 928 For Sale!

Posting for a good friend- He has an absolutely gorgeous 1982 928 for sale in awesome shape! He is not asking much for it I figured there might be someone on here who would want to pick up this gem!

Here is the information, a couple quick pictures and such. You can cal him directly if you have questions or are interested. He can get you more info and pics.

All new front end and new serpentine.
New interior.
GTS front and rear spoiler.
New tires.
Custom chrome phone dial rims.
It's in amazing shape for an 82
Needs air conditioning compressor if you want to stay cool in the summer, and the sunroof won't open and will need to be looked at.

Asking price of only $8500!

Email Jerry for more information:

- Lean Burn King

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