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It's all gotta go, make an offer.....

All good parts if you have a need, my garage is too small tho, so it's all gotta go...
(please make an offer, all in Santa Clara. shipping available @ your cost)

2.5 1998 68k Boxster

main crank and rod assembly.
dual mass flywheel.
dr side valve cover.
motor mount w NEW rubber insert.
front motor cover.
Sump cover with drain plug.
smog secondary air pump.
IMS shaft. (older type single o ring seal).
Powered spoiler motor system.
A/C front radiators. (system was holding full pressure).
A/C front crossover line.
Throttle body (W/ position sensor).
Set 6 coil on plug units.
set 6 fuel injectors.
cam sensors and others.
set 3 spark plug tubes.

Gray/Black cd holder (perfect cond) (w grey knee & carpet floor pads).
Document shelf.
Gray center console (shift to storage pocket) complete (add your lock & buttons).
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