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'02 Boxster S TLC.

I removed the throttle body to check that it's opening slightly while cranking and it is.

I need to double check these plugs but got distracted over the weekend. I've ordered a Durametric unit in the hope that it pull out something worthwhile logged by the car's brains.

What distracted me - I began my dabbling in the art of paintless dent removal. I have to say, it's very rewarding! I've not really attempted the final painstaking part of completely levelling out the lumps and bumps, but I'm greatly encouraged by what I've managed to do so far.

Feature dent progress pics below. I had to stop at this point as I was running out of daylight and I've decided that I prefer having daylight to use for this job. But you can perhaps get the gist of how satisfying it is to gradually pull something back to where it's meant to be.

Before the first pull...

After the first pull.

I then switched from a pops-a-dent type screw puller, to a slide hammer approach, hence the different hardware glued to the panel, ready for pulling.

Getting there!

2001 Boxster S, TipTronic in Seal Grey aka "The Imp"
2001 TE50, ESS in (now) Grigio Titanio Matallizzato aka "The Golden child"

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