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Got some work done today after work. Put the trans in with the help of Missus Better 7/8ths and it went pretty smooth overall. Cleaned up the inside of the bell housing and the pivot for the fork. Greased all the friction points and noticed some wear on the fork where the throwout bearing rides.

I cleaned up the motor mounts and got them bolted in. Lubed the shifter linkage. I need new ends for the cables. Has anyone figured out if these can be replaced or rebuilt?

I filled the tans with oil and love the way I was able to squeeze the quart of oil up there and squirt the oil thru the hole to fill it! Most of the time I end up using the pump or a hose and getting 1/2 of the oil in my hair (not much on top but the sides are very absorbent), down my arms and inside my gloves. Not tonight though, engineering may have made some poor fastener choices and that stupid security drain plug, but the hit a home run with the filler location!

Now, finally some eye candy! Muffler and pipes from Top Speed will look and sound awesome.

Nice welds on the 2nd cat eliminator pipes and they also sent new hardware.

I might have to cut those extra brackets off if you use them with the original muffler.

More to come.
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