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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Welcome to the Forum. That looks like quite a project, but you seem up to the task. At least it sounds promising when you crank it. Fresh fuel is a good start, also it won't hurt to give the MAF a cleaning. Have you checked it for DTC codes?

With the rear window split, you should probably make sure that the Central Locking Unit under the driver's seat has not been exposed to moisture. If you get to it before any major corrosion sets in, a good/careful cleaning can preserve it.

I have bought about a dozen cars from insurance/salvage auctions, three of them Boxsters. I have sold or traded all of the other cars and kept the Boxsters. Once you get it sorted out, it may be hard to part with.
Hi 78', thanks for the interest.

No codes in it as it had a flat battery when I got it. I've checked a few times, and nothing's come up - yet. I'll clean the MAF tomorrow and try again. I'll also check the unit under the seat for moisture, it looked fine with a cursory glance, but I do need to delve deeper now...

...because, even with the fresh fuel and new platinum plugs that I just lavished on the poor thing, it's still not starting

It's 2am so I'm calling it a day and will regroup tomorrow. Thanks again for the ideas.
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