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What do you need, just the front piece with the picture of the cup on the right side? It's hard to see what's wrong with yours in the picture. I feel your pain though! The little half-circle things that compensate for cup diameter in the first hole broke off the cupholder in my 2003. I bought a used unit and installed it myself, which took a whole afternoon for me. Had to take off the center stack surround horseshoe, disconnect all the switches, pull out the center air vent unit and the climate control panel. Since then I never use that cupholder anymore. I bought a cupholder insert that goes under the armrest in the storage compartment - not great but it works in a pinch and there are no complicated parts to break with it. You need part number 9965521830201C, which is the whole cupholder unit. Unfortunately new it is over $300! There is one used one on eBay right now in Germany but it is 131 Euros plus shipping - Top Orig Porsche 911 996 Getränke Halter in Schwarz Mehr Teile www Teile Com | eBay
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