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I realized a couple of thing about my Boxster after I used the no rinse car wash on my car (this stuff works pretty well).
First, my hood that I had repainted, color sanded and buffed, wasn't nearly as smooth and shiny as the rest of the car.
Second, the entire car had a lot (really... a lot) of swirls in it. This seems to be fairly common for darker paints.
I decided to go to town on it with my Porter Cable 7424 DA polisher. To date, I hadn't yet done the entire car. I started with the hood. I put on a cutting pad and started in with some rubbing compound on the hood only. As soon as I got the product on the pad, and started lowering it to the surface of the car, the polisher slipped out of my hand and hit the hood. **CRAP!!**(those weren't my words) I inspected the hood and found only a little bit of marring that the pad and compound could easily handle (whew!). I did the entire hood with the rubbing compound. That made a huge difference. Although not quite as good as factory paint, it was really darn close.
I then did the entire car with a couple more polishes. First Meguiar's 105, then 205 polishes. At this point (many, many hours into the process), the car looked fantastic. I used some Meguiar's Mirror Glaze on the hood, and although it made it look a little better (not too much really), it's really tough to wipe it clean. I figured it wasn't worth the effort to do the entire car with it.
Last thing I did was to apply some P21S wax. This stuff is super easy to apply and remove, and looks like a million bucks. I'm totally happy with the results. I might add a few more coats of wax, but it looks beautiful as is. Here are some pictures:

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Here the morning sun shows no swirls.
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