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Originally Posted by edevlin View Post
Hi all, I am still in the process of getting over being Boxster-less. I had my 2000 base Boxster for 9 years and 100,000 miles. I had a great time driving and working on the car and by all indications the new owner has that special grin that comes with driving the cars.

This is my last year of work before retirement and the requisite down-sizing that we need to do to make this next phase happen, hence the selling of the Boxster. All that being said, I still have a variety of parts left as I was one of the neophytes to Porsche ownership that went crazy with mods on the car. I bought my 2000 Boxster in 2006 and promptly took out the factory headlights, taillights and light that goes along the top of the trunk and replaced them with aftermarket gear.

All 5 lights were working great when I took them out and I would like to sell the set of all 5 lights. I actually posted them on ebay and they sold, but the person that bought them seems to have backed out. I am asking for 200.00 for all the lights plus shipping. Looks like they will come in 4 boxes. I have the boxes that the factory xenon lights that I put in the car for the headlights and will box up the taillights myself. We are located in Central Virginia if you are nearby and interested in picking the light set up. The easiest way to get in touch with me is via email:


PM Sent. Thanks.
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