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Originally Posted by RedTele58 View Post
This makes #3 and you've got a parts car too?

You're catching me. I'd better step up my game!
The other day, I was thinking that I might have to put some effort into not being too 'stalker-creepy'. My Telecaster is an '09 Natural Ash and my e24 is Silver. I'm thinking maybe my next car should be a Mini. You don't have one of those already do you?

How do you like driving w/ the hard top? ...
The hard top does really change the atmosphere of the car. Not cramped at all, but more sheltered and comfortable than the soft top. Definitely going to keep it on one of them.

Originally Posted by particlewave
Hehe...I may be in the market for another this winter...
Do it! With your skill, knowledge, and creative energy, you could pick up a distressed Boxster cheap and really turn it around.
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