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Nice trip that must have been.
The Canadian $ is getting killed right now also so every penny you can save helps.
I'm after doing the water pump next. Probably October or early spring. Just going to do the preventative stuff as I go along. The car only has 57,000 kms on it so I am not pushing any panic buttons and I'm out in the country here. No traffic or traffic lights so no stop and go stuff. All go.


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Gary, sweet ride!
I'm liking my spin on adapter too, and have been running with it for a little over a year now.
I had mine sent to our hotel in Indianapolis last summer simply because I'm too cheap to pay what it costs to have stuff shipped here.
I spent a while this evening restoring my car's aerodynamic prowess; a.k.a. washing off 2700 km worth of bug guts acquired on my road trip to Bristol, TN and western NC over the weekend.
1999 Silver Boxster
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