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lol I don't blame ya. The Lits are ok because they are OEM. Honestly they are almost 20yo HID Projectors man. Technology back then wasn't what it is today. You'll see new Mazda Miata's with this insane supurb light output and you drive a porsche and it looks like something from a beat up ford. I seriously was behind a new Miata on the freeway but close and there was a high wall to our right. And I could clearly see the sharp cutoff of his Projectors and light output evenly about 160* in front of his car. My car was blury, could hardly see the cutoff line, and only got like 90* of beam. And wasn't as bright. I've replaced my bulbs with new bulbs, that helped, and cleared my headlights to almost new. Still not as clear as new but looks amazing.

I wanna sell my Headlights, pickup some crystal clear Halogens and do that retrofit now. I'll sell my entire Lit setup, harness and controls and all.
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